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Window Tint Options

Ultragard Carbonite -Least heat rejection, budget window tint option

Carbonite is a  carbon enhanced window film that offers genuine colour stability for Australia’s harsh climate.

Its metal-free colour stable construction is non-conductive and does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment.

TSER 38% (VLT 35)

TSER 41% (VLT 20)

TSER 43% (VLT 15)

TSER 44% (VLT 5)

UV 99.9%

Made in USA

Suntek CXP - medium heat rejection film

CXP (Carbon Extra Performance) series offers a non-reflective appearance in impressive shades of black to help deliver your desired level of solar protection.

Offering more heat reduction then carbon tint, yet is a more economical option to pure ceramic tint for both solar performance and infrared rejection.

TSER 53% (VLT 35)

TSER 52% (VLT 25)

TSER 55% (VLT 18)

TSER 60% (VLT 5)

UV 99.9%


Made in USA

Rayno S9 -High heat reduction window tint film

Rayno’s Phantom series is the world’s first carbon ceramic film developed.

Nano-scaled carbon particles provide top notch color stability without sacrificing clarity, while nano-encapsulated ceramic particles give lasting durability and outstanding heat rejection.

TSER 58% (VLT 35)

TSER 64% (VLT 20)

UV 99.9%


Made in Korea

Ultragard Genesis Ultra Ceramic Heatshield - Maximum heat reduction window tint option

Genesis is Ultragard's highest performing automotive film option. 

Built with next generation ultra ceramic nano coating technology, Genesis selectively blocks infrared and UV radiation while preserving maximum optical vision.  

On the outside, the unique ice-cool black shade of Genesis is prestigiously superb and looks as good as it performs.

TSER 62% (VLT 33) 

TSER 64% (VLT 25)

TSER 68% (VLT 10)

UV 99.9%


Made in USA

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TSER - Total Solar Energy Rejected
VLT - Visible Light Transmitted

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