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Ceramic Coating Maintenance

Congratulations on your Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light Application!

Your Gtechniq ceramic coating will take 1-2 weeks to cure to its full strength.

Please refrain from washing your vehicle until the coating has had sufficient time to fully cure.

You need to avoid using products that can damage the coating and always stay away from automatic car washes ( this may result in scratches to your coated paint surface).

Aggressive detergents can cause your ceramic coating to wear prematurely. Since ceramic coatings have hydrophobic properties, you don’t need much cleaning power to remove dirt or stains. Always ensure that you use a pH neutral wash.

Touchless hand washes are recommended (high pressure, snow foam).

Washing with a 2-bucket system is recommended. This involves one bucket filled with car wash, the other one filled with water only. Commence washing from the top of the vehicle, working your way down.

Wash one car panel at a time, when you need to top up your washing mitt with carwash – ensure you dip your mitt into the water bucket first. This will rinse off any grit before you top up the car wash. This method ensures you are not transferring grit around whilst washing and potentially causing scratches onto your vehicle paintwork.

We recommend grit guards at the bottom of both buckets.

Please ensure that your vehicle is dried properly. Leaving water behind will result in water marks. We recommend washing your vehicle in the shade.

The reason for an accelerated wear and tear of the ceramic coating mainly comes down to neglect. Consistent washing is crucial to achieving the best out of your ceramic coating.

Always wash off bird droppings, bat droppings, bug impacts and tree sap as soon as possible, as these can be highly corrosive. Use plenty of clean water to loosen and soften deposits. Always avoid scrubbing or scratching.

Hydrophobic (water repelling) surfaces can also wear down over time due to the environment. The protective layer will still be there but the beading may be reduced. Sticky particles like sap and tar can embed themselves into the coating. This breaks the surface tension of the water and it makes it appear like the beading property is diminished.

To extend or re-activate the beading nature of your Gtechniq paint sealant, simply spray Gtechniq C2 onto the paint surface and wipe off the residue with a microfibre cloth. (This is done immediately after washing your vehicle).

C2 is a non-yellowing, high gloss, dirt repelling coating that cross-links with all surfaces of your car, including the bodywork, glass and trim - enhancing the hydrophobic nature for as much as 6 months with an exceptionally easy non smearing application.

We recommend you use the C2 every  6-12 months to maintain optimum sealant efficiency.

Alternatively, we recommend an annual professional detail to fix surface wear and tear in the coating applied to your car, maintaining maximum visual impact and long-term protection.

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