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Terms & Conditions of acceptance of our attendance to your tinting task.

1. We have implemented the following measures to ensure both your safety, and the safety of our team. 

During the duration of having your vehicle tinted ( from set-up to completion) we REQUEST that you and any other family/friend members including furry babies to remain at a minimum 5 metre distance surrounding the entire perimeter of your vehicle. 

This ensures that our tinter has adequate workspace to manoeuvre around. 

Please remember that essentially, whilst we are tinting your vehicle for you, there are extension cords, a HOT heat gun, cutting board, sharp blades, tint film (can give you paper cuts),wet floors, spray bottles etc. etc. - please consider this zone a HAZARDOUS ZONE and refrain from entering. 

When we have completed the task and have removed our equipment, our tinter will then give you the opportunity to inspect the finished product. But before this time, please refrain from entering the hazardous work-space..

When you schedule in your tinting job with us - essentially, you are agreeing to the above terms and we will NOT be held liable for any injuries or property damages resulting from you or your family/friend members, neglecting to abide to the above protocol.

Bear in mind also, at the same time that we are practicing social distancing during COVID -19. Thankyou in advance for your understanding in this matter.

2. Removal of existing tint 

Depending on the condition and quality of the tint film, that was previously applied onto your vehicle, it may be inevitable that part of the demister bar lines on the rear windscreen may come off during the tint removal process. We carry out a careful approach when removing old tint to salvage the demister bars - however, this is not always achievable.

In most instances, there is no loss, but it is difficult to ascertain the outcome until we actually commence the tint removal procedure. Some tint films are easier to remove then others.  By accepting our services to remove your old, existing tinting film for you, you - the ''customer'' agree that you understand the potential risk associated with old tint removal.

3. We take pride in customer service. In the event that you are not satisfied with our workmanship, we will remove the tint we have applied and refund you the tinting cost*. This will need to be completed within 30 days of having your tinting task carried out. 

*If you had paid for old tint removal - this fee will not be reimbursed as this is an expense that you would have incurrred regardless of which tinting company you chose to carry out the work for you. 

* The refund amount will include deduction of a fee for the mobile service cost incurred.

4. Prior to installation of window tinting film, we give you the opportunity to make your own informed choice. Should you request to have darker tint shades applied, we take no liability for any consequences relating to insurance claims or any other form of infringements/penalties. Please also note that The Lifetime warranty is covered by the tint film manufacturer. This is only applicable for application of DARKEST LEGAL TINT. 

5. It is a known fact that tinting glass is a safe practice. In the unfortunate event that your windscreen or glass window cracks during or post tint application - we are not liable for any costs associated with its replacement. Glass and windscreens can crack for other reasons that are not directly as a result of having tint application. 

6. We always send a courtesy reminder text message the day prior to your scheduled tinting task. We ask that you reply to confirm the appointment, otherwise there is a risk that we may not be able to attend without your confirmation. 

7. All quotations provided by us will include all relevant information, including - the cost/the type of tint/ the tint specifications/type of warranty/the tint shade (VLT %) to be applied/the windows and or windscreen the tint will be applied to/the duration required for the task/your confirmation that there is an appropriate undercovered area for us to carry out the task. Hence all bookings must be confirmed by email/SMS or facebook messenger only as the quotation includes alot of 'vital' information so that you are aware of what to expect on the day of having your vehicle tinted. 

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