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1. How long will it take for my vehicle to be completed?

- The average vehicle tint takes 1.5- 2 hours to complete.

- We will always advise you of the duration required, when you schedule your vehicle in.

- If there is existing old tint that requires removal, an additional 1 hour is allocated for the task.

2. Is there any preparation I need to carry out prior to having my vehicle tinted?

- Tint is applied on the inside/interior of the glass. We thoroughly clean the glass prior to tint film application. You are not required to carry out any cleaning prior to us attending to the task.

3. Is there any form of warranty provided for the work?

- With over 14 years experience in the tinting industry, you can rely on us for a high quality, end result. We apply premium, colour stable, USA made tint and all our work is backed with a LIFETIME warranty. This warranty is provided for instances where bubbling, delaminating/peeling, and/or tint fading occurs.

- This warranty cover is provided for the customer who had their vehicle tinted with us and is not transferable to the next car owner.

-Please ensure you retain and can produce your invoice as proof for warranty claims.

4. How do I take care of my vehicle's tint after its application?

- The windows must be kept up for 48 hours following tint application to ensure it has adhered to the glass prior to being able to wind the windows down

- When cleaning tinted glass, we recommend using a damp, micro-fibre cloth only or a piece of damp paper towel. No glass cleaning sprays/chemicals (ie Windex ) is to be used, as this will likely ruin the tint and will not be covered under warranty.

5. Should I be concerned about the moisture droplets that have 'suddenly' appeared on the tint the day after it was completed?

- It is common practice for moisture droplets to appear the following day after the work was carried out. In Summer, this may take only several days to dry up. In Winter however, it may take up to 2 weeks.

- Although it is safe practice to wind your windows down after 48 hours, the tint may still appear streaky/hazy. This is normal as it takes slightly longer for the tint to completely cure. Once this is achieved, the tint will be clear and uniform.

6. Which windows are included in the tinting quotation?

- All side front & side rear windows and the rear windscreen are included in your quotation. 

- If you would like your sunroof,canopy or front windscreen tinted these are optional and must be indicated when you are enquiring.

7. What are the requirements for mobile service?

We require an under-covered area ( carport/garage or shed/gazebo). If we attend and there is no undercovered area to work in - we have the right to not proceed with the task. 

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